Lay down definition is - to give up: surrender. How to use lay down in a sentence.

Laydown definition, a hand held by a declarer that is or can be played with all cards exposed because no action by the opponents can prevent the declarer from taking the number of tricks necessary to make the contract. See more.

What does laydown mean? (usually uncountable) The act of laying down. (noun).

4. To keep or save something for the future. You should lay down part of each paycheck and put it into a retirement fund. 5. To fully recline, as on a bed or couch; to get into a horizontal position. (This is a common misspelling of the proper term "lie down.") I need to lay down—my head is pounding.

Definition of laydown in the dictionary. Meaning of laydown. What does laydown mean? Information and translations of laydown in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions .

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