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In chemistry, vinyl or ethenyl is the functional group with the formula −CH=CH2. It is the ethylene molecule with one fewer hydrogen atom. The name is also used for any compound containing that group, namely R−CH=CH2 where R is any other group of atoms. An industrially important example is vinyl chloride, precursor to PVC, a plastic commonly known as vinyl. Chessboard made from polyvinyl chloride Vinyl Missing: Formation.

 · Allylc compounds are diverse and are used in many industries, example: allyl chloride is converted into epichlorohydrin and is utilized for the formation of different plastics. Vinyl are widely used in different industries, most prominently they are used in making plastic films, textile finishing and also produces vinyl polymers such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polyvinyl fluoride (PVF) and polyvinyl .

excess exposure. Most people begin to taste vinyl chloride in water at ppm. Vinyl chloride is a manufactured substance that does not occur naturally; however, it can be formed in the environment when other manufactured substances, such as trichloroethylene, trichloro-ethane, and tetrachloroethylene, are broken down by certain microorganisms.

alkenes; vinyl and vinylidene compounds, and dienes. EHS also provides technical assistance to lab personnel about the safe handling, storage, Unopened container: discard or test for peroxide formation at 12 months from receiving date or at manufacturer’s expiration dateFile Size: KB.

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