Down The Line

1. If something happens down the line, it happens at a later stage of a situation or activity. Whether that will happen further down the line we cannot say. Note: You can talk about something happening a long way down the line when it happens at a much later date. He thought that military action was still a long way down the line.

Definition of down-the-line.: complete a down-the-line union supporter.

 · Definition of 'down the line'. phrase [noun PHRASE, PHRASE after verb, oft adv PHR] If you say that something happens all down the line, or right down the line, you mean that it happens in every case. [informal] Excellent acting all down the line captures the sound and feeling of that semi-feudal age. Democrats and Republicans differed right down the line on what the proper responses .

Down-the-line definition, complete, full, unreserved, or whole-hearted: a down-the-line endorsement. See more.

down the line. From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English. down the line. down the line informal later, after an activity or situation has been continuing for a period of time There may be more costs further down the line. Now, three years down the line, we’re beginning to see the problems with the treatment. → line Examples from the Corpus down the line • He loves his back-seat role, moving quietly up and down the lines, .

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